The food service industry that people with food allergies are easy to use in JAPAN

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Today, I introduce shop that people of food allergies are easy to use.
I challenge to write in English for who do not know Japanese.
Because English is not good, it may be hard to read.
Please send from the comments section below if you have questions.

In JAPAN, allergens are not required to be labeled at all restaurants.
I’ll introduce shop that I usually go.
Those publishes the information on a voluntary basis.
Please check on your own up-to-date information.

【Fast food】

◆MOS Burger
“MOS kodomo rice burger” uses only pork in 25 kinds specific raw materials.
“kodomo” means “child” in English.
Unfortunately “MOS fried potato” is not a low allergen. They share frying oil with milk, wheat, an egg.
“Mac fried potato” uses only beef in 25 kinds specific raw materials.
QR cord is printed on package wrapping. We can confirm allergic information when we read it.

【family restaurant】

There is nice menu for boys.
“Shobousya hamburg steak lunch” is a low allergenic menu which uses soybean in 25 kinds specific raw materials.
“Shobousya” means “fire truck” in English.
The meal exists on the plate of the form of a fire truck.
Another,”Curry plate” uses only pork in 25 kinds specific raw materials.
◆Steak no don
The low allergenic plate chooses three kinds of side menus by oneself and is put together.
As for children below elementary school age, a drink bar is free.
This restaurant and VOLKS belong to same business grouping.
◆ Denny’s
There is a menu of “the bread” made rice to the low allergenic plate.
We can make hamburger, using rice bread and hamburger steak.
There are many campaigns such as Pokemon.
About other menu, there are many Japanese food menus.
A low allergenic menu has rare “cream spaghetti”.
There are five kinds of menus which do not use the 8 allergen(8dai allergen) for.
A child is pleased with character of Doraemon.
There is a reward card having the points according to charge.
Please wait for information continued…


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